Les crocodiles blancs


I am Clare. 17-year-old girl living in the U.S.A. Inspiration strikes me in the blink of an eye, causing me to daydream perhaps a bit too much. I like to drink tea, stay up late, make calendars, ride my bicycle, draw pictures, eat grapefruits, drink milk, write lists of pretty things, climb trees, & sit on rooftops. I listen to music all day long.

Someday I might like to be an architect, or a landscape architect, or a civil engineer, or a superhuman. Another thing that interests me is history & ancient cultures of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, etc. Especially Egyptians. I love crocodiles, with elephants coming in as my second favorite animals. I would very much like a pet snake.

My favorite seasons in order are: Spring, Autumn, Winter, Summer. Spring is the best, because when it is not sunny & sublime outside, thunder & lightning are wreaking wonderful havoc across the skies, which in turn are pouring down torrents of rain.


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