Les crocodiles blancs


Posted in Uncategorized by Clare on 3 January 2011


this is me, failing at pumping gas, captured by Shriya & her beautiful light leaking camera.


Celebrated the new year at Daniel’s house with Nitesh & several others with whom I’m somewhat acquainted.

Skiing with with the French & German clubs

Donated blood for the first time

Put on a dodgeball tournament with the robotics team to raise money for cancer research

Lady Gaga with Alisa.

I don’t remember January.


Made Nitesh a Valentine’s day card with our 11pm-7am house on it.

I went to robotics meetings  a lot. Build season…

Thought about Catholicism on Ash Wednesday

Did a terrible job at the District Tournament for Student Congress


Organized/put on Mr. West Side with Marlene [beauty pageant for senior boys from my HS]

Spent a week in Florida. Disposable camera, watercolors, lots of time at the beach…

Read Kafka on The Shore

FIRST Robotics Competition Boilermaker Regional; won Engineering Inspiration award

FRC Buckeye Regional in Cleveland, OH. Presented the team’s Chairman’s award submission


Celebrated Holi with Nitesh & Andrea

Celebrated Easter with Marlene, Nitesh & Andrea

Went to NYC with band & orchestra; aka, Nitesh & Shriya & Jae Hyun & etc. Had a wonderful time.

FRC Championship in Atlanta, GA


Went to the prom with Nitesh

Got elected president of the robotics team

Final exams; tried [and succeeded] to not fail my precalculus class.  Finished 11th grade.


My brother came home from Los Angeles.

Nitesh went to India for a wedding. I spent lots of time missing him

Went to Marlene’s lakehouse with Marlene, Andrea, and Jae Hyun.

Entrepreneurship camp with Shriya. Became friends with Erika, won 2nd place in the business plan competition.

Kevin went to India with his dad. I missed him very much.


Kevin came home, and we started a lovely time of being the best of friends while was still here.

Shriya went to India. I spent time missing Shriya.

I spent my last few weeks with Nitesh switching from devastated that we were ending, and extremely happy to be with him/to have had such a good relationship with him.

Nitesh & I broke up, and then I went to architecture camp for 3 weeks, where I became friends with Justin & Chelsea & was a vegetarian.


I came home. Took a midnight walk with Robert & Kevin; began a long trend of staying out until early in the morning.

Kevin kissed me in the park. It didn’t lead us where I thought it might. He moved to Bloomington

I started my last year of high school after a night of hide-&-seek tag with Robert & Kevin & people  I barely knew.

Nitesh started college, I missed him.

The meteor shower with Kevin/Robert/Shriya/Britt

Robert kissed me in his room over a book about M.C. Escher. It led to nice talks about Canada, rollerblading, taking photos in the woods, meeting crazy people, complicated thoughts…


The trip to Bloomington with Robert to visit Kevin.

Went to a No Hay Banda show with Robert at 12 AM

A confusing week or so.

Nitesh & I got back together. Conflicted for a bit, but so happy. Then the  conflict dissolved, and I was even happier.


Became friends with Michael.

Took the SAT Subject tests

Traded shoes with Kevin. [sisterhood of the traveling shoes]

Made pancakes for lunch with Shriya and Robert.

Visited Northwestern in Evanston, visited Cornell in Ithaca

Helped Nitesh make a Halloween costume. Loved him a lot.

Spent Halloween with Shriya on her porch, passing out candy & wearing tiger ears.


Got to know Nitesh’s college friends a bit more, slowly & steadily.

Went to the fall dance with Michael.

Saw Harry Potter 7 at midnight

Took a trip to a wastewater treatment plant

My birthday & Thanksgiving break… Nitesh came over in the morning, & I went to Shriya’s at night with Robert, Kevin, & Britt. Robert brought me a green tea birthday cake, which I proceeded to eat for the next week or so.


Re-took the SAT Subject tests

Took final exams. Tried [& succeeded] to not fail my calculus class.

Partied & [half-assedly/soberly] played beer pong with Kevin at Robert’s

Winter break included: exchanging gifts with Nitesh, lots of late nights with Robert & Kevin, my cousins visiting from New York & California, playing lots of piano & drawing lots of pictures & watercolor painting & trying to get my soul back.

New Year’s Eve: dressed in navy & white polka-dots, went with Shriya to a party at Robert’s. Danced to good music [dubstep mix of Stay Fly as a highlight] & counted down to the new year. Talked with Josie & Tom & Shriya & Robert & Kevin for awhile, drove back into town.

Met up with Nitesh, proceeded to bring in 2011 with lots of kisses.