Les crocodiles blancs


Posted in Uncategorized by Clare on 9 January 2010

I’ve been thinking about what to do in the future.

All I wanna do is run around barefoot with my friends. Work in air-conditioned buildings sometimes, designing important things. Keep working & playing separate, but still love working. Work alone & contribute my ideas to group efforts. Work with people who are good at science & are good at math & can teach me things. Plant flowers & give people flowers & bake & send pies and cakes as birthday cards.

I want to own boats or have access to boats. I want to live near the water and wear predominantly white with splashes of blue, red, turquoise, gold, pink, and purple. I won’t wear orange. I don’t really like orange. I’ll have leather boots & leather sandals, & I’ll have pretty shoes for going to the office and going out.

But I’ll also live in a city or near a city. I don’t want to live in the woods, & I don’t want to be secluded, and I don’t want to miss people. I like people.

I’ve always wanted a pair of pink shoes. Deep, rosy pink, satin flats with a big clear crystal on the front edged in gold scalloping. If I had a pair of shoes like this, I would be able to fly. I would want nothing ever again except some white accordion-pleated skirts to wear them with.

I’ll paint with oils. I love oils, & I love the smell of turpentine.

The photos are by: Todd Selby, Ryan Mcginley.


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