Les crocodiles blancs


Posted in Uncategorized by Clare on 23 November 2009
+ My notebook is almost filled.

+ My birthday is in three days. 17 years!

+ My brother has been living in California; he’s visiting home this week, & it’s fun to see him. His hair has grown longer & it’s funny looking, but I kind of like it.

+ Last night I went to a symphony concert & tonight I’m playing in another symphony concert. Symphonies symphonies symphonies. Last night I heard a very pleasant Mendelssohn, but tonight, we’re playing Brahms no. 2, which is just beautiful

+my house feels different today. I feel different today. It’s a positive change; maybe because the house is tidy & clean it seems pretty to me.

+ Yesterday, early in the afternoon, I took an old, long dark green United Colors of Bennetton dress of my mother’s and shortened the hem a lot so that  I could wear it outside the house. It fits me so well, & it’s the same color as my old glasses, my favorite classes, which were also United Colors of Bennetton. ohhh fancy that.

+ It’s 3:19 AM, & I’m feeling hungry. I want to open up a pancake shop that specializes in blueberry pancakes so that I can call it “Blueberry Yum Yum.” I will give half the proceeds to Ludacris so that he can make more videos like this one

+ I really like the idea of some foods that I don’t really enjoy eating. Tomato soup, for exampl

+ I watch a lot of How I Met Your Mother these days. So funny so funny so funny

+ The midwest fucking rules nature-wise.