Les crocodiles blancs


Posted in love by Clare on 13 October 2009

Physics problems keep me up at night.


what’s good:

+ eating strawberry ice cream 2x in three days

+ wearing sweatshirts & slippers at home in bed

+ learning the present participle in French & discovering how simple it is

+ being back in my bedroom after a week living away from home

+ prospects of napping next week…

+ feeling kisses for a long time afterward

+ rereading good letters

+ having heart-to-hearts with someone you haven’t had a heart-to-heart with in a long time

+ being proud of debate cases

+ compliments from genuine/admirable people

+ being known for something you love/are proud of

+ pretending to know how to play the clarinet

+ listening to The Blow/Sigur Ros/Kid Cudi/Uffie/Feist/& such



Posted in Uncategorized by Clare on 1 October 2009


“SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): The coming week will have something to

offend and agitate everyone — except you. Whines and moans and yelps

will ring out across the land, even as you’re emanating poise and aplomb.

You may be tempted to brazenly exploit everyone’s vulnerability and seize

control of your corner of the world, but I think that would be shortsighted

of you. A better strategy for capitalizing on your advantage would be to

dole out large doses of mercy, making sure that the people who will be

important to your future don’t lose their way.”