Les crocodiles blancs


Posted in love by Clare on 30 September 2009

Picture 067


+ Having Indian friends, dressing in Indian garb(a was delightful)

+ Skype & webcams & their shoddy photographs

+ Dries Van Noten s/s 2010 show in 5 days

+ My math test went really well!

+ I went to lunch with him today… 2 days sooner than I’d hoped. He wore a soft sweatshirt. I love it when people wear sweatshirts.

+ In the morning the sun shines through my bedroom window and in the afternoon/evening it shines through my workroom window.

+ The weather today was crisp and autumnal, so I wore a jacket and a scarf.

+ I haven’t washed my hair since Saturday, but it’s really soft and light still. I love not being greasy.

+ Question at school: “Hey Clare, are we still getting married when I become the president of the world? … Okay, good, I just wanted to make sure,”

+ Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head — Confections

Picture 064

Picture 068

Picture 059


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