Les crocodiles blancs


Posted in love by Clare on 15 July 2009

You da fuckin best. You da fuckin best. You da fuckin best. You da fuckin best.

Right now, I am in a very good mood. My emotions right now could be described as: I love everything. (and by everything, I mean everything genuine.) This being the case, a list of all these things I am loving is necessary. I think I’m going to start using this blog more as a diary of everything awesome that happens to me and others. Documentation is the best, and documentation of amazing things is even better. And without further ado, the list begins:


  • I don’t remember where this picture is from, but it’s great. And what a perfectly structural nose.
  • putting my hair in a loose side braid and letting it get looser and looser throughout the day
  • “best I ever had” by drake. I realize that everyone else is over the fact that this is jimmy from degrassi, but the main reason I love him is that he is friends with lil wayne. now picture lil wayne as one of the kids at degrassi high. yeah. my fascination is legitimate. this song is also ace even though a lot of it is the same thing over and over.
  • talking on the phone to my boyfriend while he’s at ¬†NASA summer aeronautics camp. sap sap sap I love hearing his voice. I also got to talk to his super cute roommate and I’m going to send them some chocolate chip cookies
  • “mr yeah” by the dream
  • peaches
  • sugar. this is a lot different than saying I love sweet things. I love eating white, granulated sugar out of a spoon. it has a flavor that can be experienced no other way.
  • slip n slides and hanging out with people all day long
  • drinking milk late at night
  • wearing my swimsuit when I am not even swimming
  • watching youtube videos of cute boys who can crip walk (gosu!!!)
  • receiving perfect letters (and totally adorable traditional Korean dolls) from my friend (official most genuine, nicest person I have yet to meet) living in South Korea
  • marvin gaye.
  • flickr. it is very fun and I just changed my username to mosquitonet on a whim. I’m loving it so far
  • practicing piano. I didn’t get a chance to today though, and I feel a little bit empty.

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