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Posted in Uncategorized by Clare on 13 June 2009

Overheard in New York.

*Little boy dancing in circles: Challah for a dollah! Challah for a dollah!
Babysitter: Holla? Like “holla back”?
Little boy, stopping dancing: No, fool! The bread! (resumes singing and dancing)

*Hipster boy, texting: So is it “in-” or “impregnate”?
Hipster girl: I’m pretty sure it’s “impregnate.”
Hipster boy: Impregnate? Like an imp?
Hipster girl: Everyone hearing you thinks you’re fucking retarded.
Hipster boy: Well, at least I’m not an imp.

*Blue collar guy to random guy holding a musical instrument: I wish I had a harpsichord. I’d put on an old fashioned movie and play it in the dark. You wouldn’t even need a drink!
Musical guy: A drink wouldn’t hurt.
Blue collar guy: No, it wouldn’t. (takes a bottle of rum out of his pocket and takes a swig)

*Drunk girl on bike #1: How’s your nose?
Drunk girl on bike #2: How’s your neck?
Drunk girl on bike #1: Hey, all I’m saying is that I’d rather get a hickey from a random boy I don’t know than break my nose by falling off my bike. (falls off her bike) Shiiiiiiiiiiiit.
Girl #2: How’s your fucking nose now, whore?

*Tourist hick teen to others: Everybody’s wearin’ shoes!


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  1. Allyssia said, on 18 June 2009 at 7:42 AM

    This is probably the funniest thing I’ve read all day. New York, je t’aime!

    I guess this just shows how far a little listening can go, doesn’t it?

  2. Clare said, on 18 June 2009 at 8:16 AM

    haha yes! it’s all from overheardinnewyork.com, a very entertaining/frequently updated website.

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