Les crocodiles blancs


Posted in Uncategorized by Clare on 10 June 2009

For the second post of the alphabet series, we have the letter B. So what can be said about things that start with B…


Ballroom dancing: knowing how to dance legitimately & well is one of the most charming attributes a person can have. (PICTURE, GOOGLE)

Brazilian music: is appropriate for situations such as studying & afternoon naps as well as impromptu dance-fests & cleaning the house. My current favorite is Os Mutantes, but there are so many wonderful examples. Additionally, Portuguese is one of the most beautiful languages. (PICTURE, GOOGLE)

Beaches: are the most desirable locations, especially little private ones with soft sand, long grass, and huge boulders to sit on. Also, when you go to the beach, you must drink coca-cola.

Bathtubs: here is the secret… I hate taking baths – I don’t find it relaxing at all! – but that doesn’t mean I don’t find bathtubs pretty, especially when they’re put to other uses, for example being sawed in half and used as a sofa as seen in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Other ideas include holding potted plants (Imagine a lovely, claw-footed bathtub with pale & dark pink peonies blooming from it), holding books, or serving as a place to take a nice little nap. I think it would be quite cozy. (PICTURE, VOGUE KOREA)

Bookshelves: are classy & beautiful & useful all at once. Just like a good boyfriend… which also starts with B! (PICTURE, THE SELBY)

Bicycles: This is getting to be a very long list, but I have to mention bicycles, because they’re my favorite form of transportation/exercise. Also in my first year French class I wrote a song about “ma bicyclette violette” being “tres tres chouette.” (PICTURE, ?)


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