Les crocodiles blancs


Posted in Uncategorized by Clare on 2 June 2009

I admit that I have gotten this idea from the now-defunct-but-always-favorite Dead Fleurette’s blog, but in any case, I’m starting a new series of posts with an alphabet theme, posting 5+ things beginning with each letter of the alphabet every few days. And as always, there is no place to start but the beginning, in this case with the letter A…

the letter a


Adidas: my favorite sporting goods brand by far. It may not be so fashionable, but there are many summer days when I live in only my adidas mesh shorts, white v-neck t-shirts, & black track jacket, as well as my classic black Adidas Sambas. The trefoil design as well as the trio of stripes is the perfect touch of sporty cool.

 Air France: the perfect music for summertime, and additionally for when one is dreaming of summertime during the colder months. its good for laying around, running around, driving around… when you’re alone, when you’re with friends, when you are forced to clean your kitchen (a terrible task that takes hours!), and in any other imaginable situation. the dreamy beats/melodies/harmonies/voices mix together in a way that’s peaceful & invigorating. picture from their myspace.

Airplanes: I haven’t been in one for a few years, but I love the experience. Exploring the radio stations, staring thoughtlessly out the window at the never-ending clouds, and stumbling through the aisles in the middle of the night to go brush your teeth after drinking endless miniature cans of ginger ale & tomato juice is somehow the perfect experience.. most likely because it’s all mixed with the fact that you’re going somewhere different to have new adventures, listen to new accents, see different people, and smell different streets.

Ampersands: the most variant, friendly, and unnecessary punctuation… obviously my favorite. illustration from sharonhlee.com

Artichokes: for some unknown reason, I am totally fascinated with this vegetable. I love the word, the way they look like curious green flowers, (so fun to draw as well!), and the way they taste with a bit of sea salt & olive oil. illustration by kate wilson.

Asian children: are ridiculously adorable. enough said. & I can’t remember where the picture is from, but I’ve had it saved for quite awhile.

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  1. shriya said, on 2 June 2009 at 8:51 PM

    I FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY ABOUT AIRPLANES! (aeroplane is also a cool spelling)
    I mean really, the exact same way. down to the ginger ale.

    I like this collage of sorts that you have made. very nice.

    haha I have that asian picture too…I think you sent it to me? not sure, but it’s adorable.

  2. Clare said, on 2 June 2009 at 8:58 PM

    haha yess i gave that picture to everyone i thought would appreciate it as much as it deserves to be appreciated. it’s my favorite thing.

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