Les crocodiles blancs


Posted in Uncategorized by Clare on 20 April 2009

TODAY: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Dresden Dolls, The Blow, Final Fantasy, anticipation, I want to scream, symphony rehearsal later, impatience, piano playing, criticism criticism criticism, rainy, caffeine, headaches, caffeiiiine, shaky shaky shaky hands, bad piano playing, loud piano playing, vibrating telephone, I LOVE YOU.

I stillllll want to scream. Wow. Disappointment. This is not a real post. I love kid cudi too much.

I’m smarter than a chair. I also love to walk at night, & I have exaggerated emotions and way too much love for everything. And I’m not even overly joyful.

OH. Yesterday I made friendship progress. I’m excited for senior year. I’ll hang out with them all the time. They’re all so cute. Especially John. Mom, do you need anything from the grocery store? I have to stay here. I’m playing a game. My teammates need me. Seventh grade. My favorite thing to do is make dinner with my mom. Video games video games I love to play video games with boys. I get shotttt shottt.shott up the block. Day & nite.

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