Les crocodiles blancs


Posted in Uncategorized by Clare on 6 April 2009

I love the radio. I love the radio because it’s soothing, because it decreases loneliness, because it’s a bit old-fashioned and because it allows one to occasionally stumble apon an experience so delightful it stays with you for weeks.

Two programs have become ones that I cannot live without, and both of them I found on WNYC.org: Radiolab & Spinning on Air, the latter being a music program. And from these two programs have come two specific episodes that are completely enchanting, and at times, a little haunting…

The first, from radiolab, begins with the faint sounds of ghostly music. “We begin in Thailand, watching fireflies glow in glorious synchrony, lighting up miles of mangrove trees like Christmas trees…” The rest of the program explores the ways of fireflies, ants, etc. and how they have such order and civilization without any specific leader. Along with being very intriguing, the beautiful aesthetic qualities are reason enough to listen.

The second is about 1950s singer/songwriter Connie Converse, who is not only appealing and intriguing because of her thoughtful & witty lyrics but also because “…in 1974 she wrote a series of farewell letters to her friends and family, packed up her Volkswagen Bug and disappeared. She has not been heard from since.”

photos by lina scheynius, who I like.

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