Les crocodiles blancs


Posted in Uncategorized by Clare on 11 February 2009

“Her name is Mary and we met in Santa Barbara, CA. The first time I saw her I was taken aback by the swirl of freckles on her face. Later, I was so obsessed by them that I used to call them “chocolate crumbles.” I stalked her for a long time before we talked. My first gift to her was an alive lady bug for obvious reasons: they are both red and dotty. 

After school we traveled together. We went to San Diego, the place where she comes from and then to Greece, the place where I come from. We were hanging out by the pool one afternoon, when her sister winked at me and we both pushed Mary into the water. With her clothes on. I ran inside to wear my bathing suit, instead I came back with the camera.

It was the happiest period of my life. Love had made my heart swell. Travelling had made the world bigger. Possibilities were endless. But things don’t turn out as planned sometimes and the girl you love turns her back and walks away.”

-Spyros Simotas, theoneswelove.org

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